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ASUS A8NE-FM/S Bios unlock
Could somebody unlock for me ASUS A8NE-FM/S BIOS rev. 1011-005.... I really want to have OC functions and latest SLIC inside my PC..... I would be aprichiated to somebody do this for me....

Sorry for my bad English but I'm Croatian (I'm learning English only for two years)
Please post a link to the bios! or attach it to your post


[Image: adminsig.jpg]

I will not be held responsible for anything that may go wrong with your BIOS, and by downloading a modded bios you are held responsible for what you choose to do with it. Big Grin

Looking for a whitelist disabled HP bios?
ok here is a bios:
Any progress on this request? I found a modded bios called 1011GL0B.bin for the a8ne-fm and it unlocked more options in the advanced tab.

All of them seem to work except the cpu fsb setting. Ram timings, HT link multiplier, ram reference speed, all except for the cpu fsb.

If you change fsb to anything between 200 and 219 it just stays on 200 in bios and according to cpuz, but if you set it to 220 or anything higher it just wont boot till you reset the bios.

I don't know if the original modder didn't get something set right when he modded or what it could be. Ntune WILL overclock the fsb and is confirmed in cpu-z, but I was hoping to set it in the bios instead... here are the files if anyone wants to try to figure it out. Any help would be much appreciated!!..............

Also, if it at all helps, my exact board is an asus a8ne-fm/2.00/si according to the sticker. It is an oem board for fujitsu computers and the 1011 bios is the latest from there site listed as just a8ne-fm no variation like 1.0 or 2.0 or /s or anything.

Attached Files
.bin  1011.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 144)
.bin  1011GL0B.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 170)

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