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Hello Big Grin

This thread is dedicated to BIOS mods made by myself. Scroll down to find the very latest version of mod.

P8B WS Formal BIOS 2009 (16 May 2012)
-Intel RSTe ROM

Suitable drivers: Intel RST 11.5 or higher.

I don't have any SSDs to test "Acceleration option" in OROM. If somebody can perform some tests with it and put the results here I will be very happy.

In addition to a modded bios file I've added an ACPI dump of original (non-modded) BIOS. It's just for those, who knows what for it is.


Attached Files
.rar   P8B-WS-ASUS-2009_SLIC.part1.rar (Size: 1.62 MB / Downloads: 29)
.rar   P8B-WS-ASUS-2009_SLIC.part2.rar (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 26)

What if ...
Good morning, guys.

A new version of BIOS mod has arrived.

P8B WS Formal BIOS 2106 (03 Aug 2012)
-Intel RSTe ROM

Some tests of the latest 1582 OROM proves that TRIM command is being passed to SSDs in RAID0 arrays on Z77 chipset. However, I can't prove it working on my P8B WS. I don't have a SSD myself to test it out ... if somebody got one and willing to check it out on P8B WS <- that would be great if you'll share with me your results.

Suitable drivers: Intel RST 11.5 or higher.

Attached Files
.rar   p8b-ws-asus-2106_1582_SLIC.part1.rar (Size: 1.72 MB / Downloads: 158)
.rar   p8b-ws-asus-2106_1582_SLIC.part2.rar (Size: 1.3 MB / Downloads: 327)

What if ...
Good morning, guys.

A new version of BIOS mod has arrived.

P8B WS Formal BIOS 2106 (03 Aug 2012)
-Intel RSTe ROM

Suitable drivers: Intel RST 11.6 or higher.

Attached Files
.rar   p8b-ws-asus-2106_1624_SLIC.part1.rar (Size: 1.62 MB / Downloads: 324)
.rar   p8b-ws-asus-2106_1624_SLIC.part2.rar (Size: 1.4 MB / Downloads: 387)

What if ...

I've been pretty busy last weeks ... but a new version of BIOS mod has arrived.

P8B WS Formal BIOS 2106 (03 Aug 2012)
-Intel RSTe ROM

Suitable drivers: Intel RST 11.6.2 or higher.

Seems like TRIM command is now working in SSD RAID0 on Z68/C206 chipsets, but the very latest RST (11.6.2) driver is required.

Click here to download.

What if ...
anyway to return the vt-d function back for a sandy bridge cpu?
after 2106 lost my ability to run xpmode Sad

currently I don't find it necessary to change out this system with a ivy processor kinda messed myself up upgrading to 2106

weather or not to buy a flashed pdip with 904 is last place I remember it working but advised not to flash back

other notes:
im curious about this forum the last standard bios is what I miss he ha :/ without the mouse and more settings with comments my little amd hpc has- ecc and all kinds of clocking features for ram and cpu but no vt-d

p8bws this workstation absolutely no ram clocking features ive got a gigahertz faster ram but board wont utilize my 1156 lynfield p7fx still has standard bios ecc and vt-d but only 1 vid slot

yepr lost a raid 0 on this board WD sent me two newer drives im not using raid anymore here caviar-in

problems so far

lost raid 0
green features work only half the time out of sleep
last video card slot necessary to desolder internal usb standoffs to utilize pcie slot
runs ok no bsods but since 1156 noticed some congestion on the bus id try to re evaluate my interrupts but of course windows is greyed out of late in properties last two soundblaster and a 6950 would just hink up in the system the MIO dilemma a little better with 1155 should of went with 1396
Can anyone make a mod for 2401 version?

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