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ASUS Rampage Formula BIOS MOD
First I would like to say that I'm glad that I stumbled upon this forum. I've got some question about modding the ASUS Rampage Formula BIOS.

Let me first tell you that a modded BIOS is already available with DRAM Refresh Period, SLIC 2.1, updated option ROMs and updated ASUS EZ Flash II. The BIOS was modded by SoLoR who is a member of the Xtreme Systems forum like me.

There are still a few things I would like to see changed in the BIOS but the ASUS R&D Team doesn't want to spend anymore time on the BIOS because the board is already EOL for a long time.

What I would like to know is if it's possible to fix the Intel BIOS Implementation Test Suite MSR fails?

[Image: MSRFail.jpg]

Can these MSR fails be fixed with updating the Intel Microcode?

An other question that I've got is if it would be possible to add MCH Read ODT as a new setting in the Extreme Tweaker Menu?
I've found that changing the MCH Read ODT from BIOS Default 8 to 9,10,11... makes a lot of difference. It's a lot more stable at high FSB and/or high memory frequency.
An explanation how to do that in Windows and some nice overclocking results is available on the Xtreme System forum. Here's the link:

This was also requested to the ASUS R&D Team and they said that they could add it but only if we would buy one of their new boards.Rolleyes

We also requested to add DRAM CLK Skew for every channel like it's bigger brother the ASUS Rampage Extreme but we never saw it available in a new BIOS release from ASUS. But they gave us CPU and NB Clock Skew in BIOS 0803 and fixed the tRD issue in BIOS 0902.

A lot of questions in my first post on the forum. I hope someone can answer some of them and help us to mod that BIOS the way we like it.
Welcome to BIOS mods! When I started looking in BIOS mods I checked XS first. But my conclusion was that BIOS modding died there since the SIP tables modding. I've seen a thread about BITS and complains on Asus but didn't run the utility by myself yet.

What CPU are you running exactly - core and stepping? So that I know at what microcodes should I look at first.
We've succesfully updated the microcodes in the BIOS but it didn't make any difference. BITS still gives us the same MSR fails. I wish there was an easy way to fix the issue but I'm afraid that there isn't an easy fix.

We've got a lot of MCE/BSOD's with this board and I think that the MSR fails are causing these MCE/BSOD's.

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