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Hello, gurus Cool

I've an old PC and I don't want to just throw away it Heart So I've decided to make a thin client from that PC Angel The problem is that I can't boot from network (the BIOS doesn't have PXE rom) Angry

I'd like to ask you, guys, to help me if it's possible Blush I want you to add a gPXE rom (Etherboot project) into m/b BIOS Blush

Here is a link to bios 1012 Final, Tweaked by (Award-Medallion BIOS Exclamation)

Here is a link to Etherboot's rom building web-site (There are a lot of possible options so I don't know Huh what'll you need so I've posted a link to that web-site Blush)

My NIC's Vendor ID is 1186; Device ID is 4300; (That's a D-Link 528T GiG NIC without Boot ROM).

If it's not possible to modify bios of tusl2-c's mobo it's ok Wink

Thanks Smile

What if ...
CBROM 1.98 and 6.06 do not open that BIOS and 2.20 doesn't seem to do it right and is unwilling to add the gPXE ROM anyway because it's 59KB and your BIOS is only 256KB. I'll attach the gPXE ROM for that card for you in case you want it for something else... It should be the smallest that I can do because I used the RTL-8169 driver only for it.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 57.68 KB / Downloads: 11)

Feel free to use/link/host any BIOS I post, no credit necessary. However, this is at your own risk and I take no responsibility. Always keep a backup of a known-good BIOS. Don't flash a motherboard if you don't have a backup computer just in case.

Always use RAID mode. RAIDFix
I've tried a lot of CBROM's too. No luck in unpacking BIOS file but "Award SLIC Mod" tool is able to read whole bios correctly *sigh*;

Thanks for your attempt;

What if ...

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