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Acer Aspire 3820TG
Hello Plumps_,

Thank you for confirming the BIOS mod!


If you have flashed my modified BIOS image and found it to be useful, please consider making a donation. Thank you. Smile Donate Here Sml6397 | MDL: ArcticFreeze | StevenL
www find
Hi, I have a 3820T that use the same bios of the TG model.

This notebook has a severe problem to mount a new battery because the original part in no more in production and the compatible ones when't recognized by the bios of the notebook because it has an addittional KBC chip that accept only these batteries:

AS10B3E, AS10B5E, AS10B6E, AS10B7E, AS10E7E, AS10E76, AS10E36.

It seems that China manufactures mark their product as other models (es. AS10B41, AS01B41, AS10B31, AS10B51, AS10B61, AS10B71, AS10B73, AS10B75) that are the same type of battery, but are not incuded in the KBC firmware.

I found a page where a geek modify the KBC firmware to include a specify model to get recognized successfully, but it is a very hard job for me.

Can anyone mod that firmware to include other models, I can try with my notebook if work.

The KBC firmware is in the KBC directory of the firmware 1.19 zip (file W07AC115.bin).

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