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Acer Aspire 5739G Won't boot, need BIOS help

First post to this forum;

I have an Acer Aspire 5739g that had a dead motherboard, so when i swapped it out, it briefly shows the splash screen and goes to a blinking cursor forever.

I've followed countless bios recovery guides but the problem being a Phoenix BIOs is that:
--I don't know the precise recovery name for the bios file, phoenixtool refuses to tell me.
--Any attempt to flash it following the guide (i use MiniDOS.sys, phlash16, BIOS.wph (from the bios' ROM folder) and BIOS1.wph)
results in a blinking LED that goes on endlessly.
--Guides featuring floppy disks are useless, no floppy is big enough to hold everything
--Using google returns separate forums and guides that look like they were written by children.

Is there a proper way to do this where i'm not gonna be drinking heavily when I'm fed up with this?

I've enclosed a screencap of what I'm currently trying
Thank you!

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Holy Ship i'm a [censored] dumbass
It wasn't a problem with the procedure--turns out I was doing it right this whole time

It was the harddrive

The same one I used for a devuan linux install but borked it somehow and now i guess that HDD won't work
I slapped in my windows 10 hdd and it b o o t e d.
This is the worst blonde moment i've ever had

Time to install
S L A C K W A R E ! ! ! ! !

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