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Acer aspire A314-31 recovery name help request
I have an acer aspire A314-31 that I cannot get a post screen on and would like to attempt a bios recovery. Laptop seems to enter bootlock mode when holding shift and esc but for the life of me cannot find out the recovery name to rename the file extracted from Acer bios .exe

Have extracted files from Acers exe with 7zip and uniextractor. Most relevant file seems to be a ""flash.bin file. Have tried opening the bin file in Andy's insyde tool but don't seem to get an relevant names.

Have also tried searching the bios dump that Andy's tool creates to look for .fd references with a free to use hex editor.

Will link acers link to bios files for the a314 laptop

As the laptop is at the moment I cannot run any tools on that computer or extract any bios backups. Running blind on what current bios was.

If someone can help me to determine recovery name I could potentially work from their, through trial and error. Acers site contains at least 6 bios releases for this laptop 

Bios files for a314-31 :-

Any help or tips is appreciated 
Best regards ?

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