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Alienware X51 R1 bios unlock request
I have been all over the internet looking for an unlocked bios for this system and came up empty.
I would really appreciate if someone could provide the unlocked bios for this system.

I want to enable vt-d so I can setup a Xen hypervisor. I really don't understand why Dell would ship with that disabled.
Hi sloan,

Please post an image for the BIOS you are using with the machine.

www find
Here is the output generated with AFUWIN X64

Im also looking for some changes in the X51 bios. First off the turbo is limited to a 1x multiplier even though my current i5 2500 by intel specc should get a 4x boost. Second is the ungodly amount of voltage they pump through any chip. I had this same cpu from another factory build machine at a 1.15-.2 voltage under load but for some reason this alienware is giving the cpu 1.36-1.38 at idle/load.
It took my quite a while to find the right AFUWINx64 that the previous user used to load the bios but I found it and it was Aptio/AFUNWINx64. The strange thing is that the modification tool for Aptio doesn't seem to support it but googling a bit gave me a hint "Aptio is AMI's next-generation BIOS firmware based on the UEFI Specifications". Im not using UEFI and never have because it has even less options than it has now. So im aswell requesting a bios unlock. The bios is the same as the one posted by Sloan.
Some news and a bump to this thread. I've been able to get my turbo boost to work correctly witha simple cmos reset. Still having the cpu idling at a very high 1.35v and the same for load. Also I found RWEverything 1.6 that seems to be the tool of choice and can actually pull/edit some data off the hardware and maybe the bios(?). Changed a few values "to try things out" and thought there was a "apply" button so it wouldn't be a big deal. My heart skipped a beat when system just suddenly shutdown after the second or the third value I changed but booted back up with everything back to default.
I want to run Win8's Hyper-V but I can't because VT-d is disabled in the BIOS and there's no option to enable it. Has anyone figured out how to modify the BIOS settings while in Windows? Where do you see in RW-Everything values you can modify?
Hello, I have been looking for an unlocked BIOS for my Dell Alienware X51 R1 but I havent been able to find one.
I tried to unlock the hidden menus with AMIBCP 4.53 but without success. I started Reading about modifing the BIOS with an HEX editor but I realized that I do not have enough knowledge to succed with it so now I ask you guys for help.

The BIOS got 2 set of menus but one is hidden. The only menu I can access is an very limited.
I would really like to access the standard AMI menu so I can get full controll of my system Smile

I don't know if it will help but this is how I got this from universal ifr extractor. But I dont't know how I can locate them in the  PE32 image section.
I did include an link to the download for the A14 bios at the end of this post.

Offset:  Title:
0x2FF33  Main (0x6)
0x3B164  Advanced (0x1C)
0x40703  Chipset (0x1E)
0x47F17  Boot (0x20)
0x4870B  Security (0x39)
0x49187  Save & Exit (0x4D)
0x49499  Main (0x6)
0x4978C  Advanced (0x7D)
0x4A663  Security (0x7B)
0x4A881  Boot (0x7F)
0x4E654  Exit (0x81)

A14 bios
Hi! PM sent.
I managed to unlock the bios after some struggle I added it to the AMI unlocked bios Dell section Smile

Here's an direct link

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