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Asus EeePC 1215B Bios Mod
Hi there

I'm looking for a mod to remove the 8GB limit.

I wanted to build into the 2x8GB bar. (16 GB)

It's about an EEEPC 1215B with an AMD K12 IMC chipset.

Southbridge is an AMD SB850.

The CPU is an AMD - E450 with the graphics AMD Radeon HD 6320 Series.

The BIOS is from AMI with version 0503 - AMD Agesa Ontario PIV from 11/30/2011.

Attached are the screenshots of CPU-Z and device manager (16GB are installed)

Here is the original Asus BIOS I forgot here:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I have now got a small Acer Revo RL 70 that can address the full 16Gb.

This one has the same CPU and the same chipset.

The bios is also an AMI.

BIOS Date: 01/10/2012 10:10:26 Ver: B66A1018


Can you turn something here so that the Asus EeePC 1215B can also address 16Gb Ram?

In the meantime I have already compared both Roms with AMIBCP.

Unfortunately I don't get through where I have to start.

Here is the original Acer BIOS: .SC=EM=EM

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