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Asus P9X79 issues
So I recently purchases an asus p9x79 motherboard off ebay, however i am having a little issue... I wanted to bios flashback since I assumed that the bios on the motherboard was most likely outdates, since I only had an i7 4930k. Anyways my issue is that when I try to flashback it starts the process about half way ish. It usually counts from as low as 10 to 35 times, Only once gets faster. So basically the bios flashback doesn't work. I tried different bioses, formating the drive using diskpart, nothing worked. Could the bios chip be dead or damaged? What else can I do apart from buying a new chip. The good part I guess is that it has a removable bios chip, which is rare now a days. I did notice that this motherboard is a lot more stripped down compared to other Asus motherboards. No bios led, no start, clear cmos buttons on motherboard...

I also would like to mention that the motherboard was for parts or repair, but the seller didn't know what was wrong. The pins seem fine, maybe on of the pins on the far left could be bent, because under a certain angle it looks slightly odd, but I'm not sure. The CPU as well was sold as for part or not working, the seller claimed that It came from a dead pc. However I was willing to take the chance on both, since I did buy an "Acer" p9x79 pro for very cheap and the seller claimed it had issues, but it turned out to be completely fine. Any suggestions would be apreciated!

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