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Asus ROG GL502VS Unlock Request
eshield, well done for the OC.

How difficult is it to mod ME region to achieve OC capability? how dangerous is it?
newbie hereSmileThanks!

Also, have you managed to gain any performance with the OC? given heat restrictions etc...

Quote:There is no BLCK overclocking in this mod too. ICC profiles are stored in your ME region. So if you want some OC you have to dump and mod your ME region by yourself. Even if you mod n flash ME you wont get BLCK oc in BIOS itself. BLCK oc will be available in tools like Intel XTU. 

(06-29-2019, 03:34 AM)eshield, Wrote: Hey,

Here is a modded ASUS GL502VS 6th-gen BIOS 306 to my tastes. Features:
  • Unlocked the following menus: ACPI Settings, CPU Configuration, Intel ICC
  • Hyper-Threading is disabled by default
  • C-States are disabled by default (no more idle electronic buzzing, etc)
  • BIOS Lock disengaged
  • RTC Lock disengaged
There is no Chipset tab in this mod. Tuning memory (tightening timings) does not improve performance at all. The rest of options are bricking the device instantly. So I've decided to not reveal this tab.

There is no BLCK overclocking in this mod too. ICC profiles are stored in your ME region. So if you want some OC you have to dump and mod your ME region by yourself. Even if you mod n flash ME you wont get BLCK oc in BIOS itself. BLCK oc will be available in tools like Intel XTU. 

Moreover, there is no way to sync all cores to x35 ratio. There no is CPU voltage in the BIOS also. Any OC is done by software, unfortunately.

Cmd to flash: FPTw64.exe -bios -f _mod306.rom

Later, I will try to insert Setup module from VSK version into VS in hope of getting CPU voltage in VS BIOS. If I succeed I will post it here.

Got some Qs? Write 'em all.

so were you able to overclock it somehow via the XTU? (not undervolt, i mean increase speed more then 3500ghz)
and what are the gains?Good job!
Can someone confirm that the modded 306 BIOS from eshield let the laptop boot even with a SSD connected to the SATA port?
I would like to try it but my Windows install is on the 2.5' SSD and have a NVME SSD in the M2 port.

Thanks in advance!
I just saw that some had managed to unlock the bios.

Is it the bios for the asus GL502VS (with the i7 6700qm and 1070GTX)?

Has anyone here managed to modify the latest one, version 306?
If not, here is the source file:

Can someone unlock it for me and send me the procedure to flash it from the windows asus utility or from the bios utility?

Thank you in advance,

ROG GL502VSK : Version 309
Please confirm bios version is identical with I modified before you do anything.
Notice : BIOS Lock, Variable: 0x8A8

Following the step in below to generate a modified bios on your machine and flashing it.

1.>(dump bios)
Run dump.bat as administrator ,it will generate a dump.rom file at the same directory ,this bios file is exclusive for your machine.

2.>(replace module)
Run replace.bat as administrator ,it will replace some modified modules base on your
dump bios and make a unlocked bios that names dump2.rom.(It may take few seconds and some command windows appears.)

3.>(change variable)
Copy folder "EFI" to a usb pen drive that already format to fat32 then reboot system ,then boot this usb device as uefi model ,it will enter to GRUB sell environment.
You should now see a screen similar with grub_shell.jpg.

Type setup_var 0x8A8 0x0 then press enter ,if no any error happen ,you will get some message about offset 0x8A8 to 0x00.

Exit GRUB shell and return to operation system.

4.>(re-flash bios)
Run flash.bat as administrator to flash modded.

[quote pid="180712" dateline="1617604776"]
Thank you Smile
Can you drop again the files ...
I have see your message too late Sad 

try it
Hi just curious but did this work out for you? I have the same model as well. Could I take the same steps and proceed?
[quote pid="144334" dateline="1538022228"]
Currently, my solution is sticking with the 3.09 but im patching it with these tools. here is a link and they show you how here

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