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Asus Rog G73SW Bios - Looking how to enable Mini-PCiE "hotplug" - capable
Rolleyes  Hello I am new in this Forum but I am willing to learn how to Mod a Legacy Bios (Not UEFI capable Laptop).

I am trying by my own how enable HotPlug on Mini PCIE Port, I have used UEFI Tool and saw my Bios Rom Roots, and its branches. I manage to extract from Advance Setup or Setup Menu the PE32 image Section and save it as *.efi file, after that I used the Universal IFR Extractor and tried to open the *.efi file but i get the Error: "Unknown Protocol Detected" which I understand this tool does not work with AMI Bios for Laptops, although some forums or others experience Users says that does work somehow. I have more than 6 copies of dumped Bios and from another Motherboard as well, and none of them works with those. My Laptop Bios is fully operational even I remove it and copied and erased the Bios a couple of time. 

I am wondering if there is another way to modify the PE32 image section as *.efi file or I am using the wrong tools?

Does anyone knows another way around? 

Any help it will be appreciate it.

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