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BIOS backup problem with chinese CLEVO motherboard?
hi!, im new here, i have a friend's laptop from a "local" brand BANGHO that uses a CLEVO chinese motherboard, the thing is ultra slow to do POST and run=> turn on button - then gets on, but with black screen - 30 mins later (maybe) does POST and starts windows 8. I think  the problem might be related to the BIOS (tryed to unhook everything, hdd, optical, batt, change memory, disconected CMOS batt, changed from UEFI to Legacy with no luck. BUT

local manufacturer does not provide any BIOS (initial release or update) from the support page, and i didnt find any CLEVO BIOS, but even i don't know if it will work with that. 

then I downloaded AFUWIN for aptio 4 and made a backup of the BIOS, then I loaded into AMIBCP 4.53 but the only tab it shows is  "BIOS features" not the other tabs...
Then just for curiosity i tryed to reflash from the backup file and gave me error 7 checksum error...

I'm stuck.

motherboard is :


ill post the extracted bios


how look in amibcp

[Image: lVWhxecRt2DgZo0EP9c6eT7kZfrBvZoonzK6mham...authuser=0]

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