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Bios Upgrade for RAM increase
Hello everyone,

My notebook is of Model Thinkpad Edge 15 with only 2GB of RAM(Samsung DDR3 1333 MHz) which has two memory slots and the memory is expandable to 8GB as per Lenovo specifications. I decided to increase the RAM and got a 4GB Kingstone ValueRAM of 1333 MHz.

But when I reboot the notebook after installing the RAM, the laptop just freezes at the beginning of the boot process and shows a dark screen only. I'm confused what I' doing wrong. Do I have to upgrade my BIOS...?

Any help would be appreciated....

You got one 4 GB now? Yes?
The 4 GB SODIMM must be of the 2R x 8 configuration, if it is not you have the wrong stuff.
If it is a 2R x 8 then try putting the 4 GB alone into slot 0 (the lower one) and boot.
If it does not boot you got a defective memory module and you must go and beat the seller over the head until... welll this or just ask for another one for warranty.
If it boots then repeat this with extended memory check enabled.
If this fails claim an exchange.
If this works add one of the 1 GB sticks in slot 1 (the upper one the1 GB alone) and boot.
Doesn´t work? Try the 1 GB alone with memory test.
Fails try your other 1 GB.
Ah no this is not going to happen. I bet you will be fine with the 4 GB in slot 0 and a 1 GB in slot one as long the 1 GB are not of some strange configuration but preferably 1R x 8 .

If the board refuses to accept a 4+1 combination then there is little chance a bios upgrade will fix this. But the actual difference between running 5 GB instead of 4 GB is practically not to notice so use the 4 GB alone and when you can afford it buy a bloody SSD as this will speed up things much more then any RAM exceeding 4 GB can ever do.

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