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Biostar TA790GX 128M Hack
Hi there, this is for my friend, He just got his new setup based on AMD Athlon X2 7750+ Black Edition with Biostar TA790GX 128M. Seen some of results / news on the net, people have unlocked the remaining 2 cores with same board & some with ASRock board as well. I'd like to know if there is any possibility for him to see more unlocked features OR the way to unlock those 2 disabled cores.

Biostar TA790GX 128M

BIOS Version : 080014

Link :
Wow!! theres quite a few options in here lolTongue

Ive unlocked the Southbridge Debug Tab , quite a few things on the "T-Series" Menu and the odd trhing or 2 on a couple of the other sections.

With regards to unlocking the extra cores , this is done by setting the option in the bios called "Advanced Clock Calibration". I found this option and set its default to "All Cores" (The default was "Disabled")

Try flashing it and seeing how many cores you have now. I did some reading around and learent that windows will still report the original nuimber of cores but CPU-Z (google it if you need to download) can see all 4 cores.

Remember though , you are taking a risk with flashing a modded bios and i wont be held responsible for anything that may happen due to a bad flash etc.


www find
Thanx for the work "Admin". My friend has updated the BIOS moded here & seen some chages too. Though, not all the changes been tested yet. But the main thing that I'd like to mention here is, non of the disabled cores were activated from the ACC function. One more thing, some of the functions were removed / disabled from the BIOS such as changing the FSB. My friend isn't all that happy about the change he got after an update, though..., some of the unlocked functions are yet to be used.
As far as im awware mate , i didnt disable anything in my mod

Im not too sure about the ACC thing if it didnt unlock the cores , as its default setting was "Disabled" and i set it to "all Cores"

Get your friend to set it to the "Auto" setting and see if that unlocks the cores. The diabled cores have something to do with the ACC option

Kind Regards

www find
Thanks Admin for moding bios. I tried seting acc to auto and its reporting l2 cache as 512k, should be 1024k. I changed acc to all cores and then per core with no sucess. It reports proper cache only when acc is disable or anything except -2% or +2%.
I found more latest bios's on
Can u solve this mystery.
I have disabled acc for now.
Thanks for your support.
Il have a look mate Big Grin
www find
Thanx for the support "Admin". WelCome "Dhams", I'm sure this will be a great place for your kinds. CHEERS!
Hi Admin, what happened? I've been waiting for your reply. I found these two links for my motherboard's bios's. I've flashed 11/11/2008 version of bios, that has solved the half L2 Cache problem with ACC set to auto,+/-2%. Some people saying that 7750 X2 unlocks to Phenom X4 with old bios's only. What's the secret. Can you compare old and new bios's and find the cause to unlock to X4. Although I didn't try all the bios's. What do you recon in this case? Please reply, so I know that you're working on it. Thanks a lot for your support.
Sorry mate ive been extremely busy sorting out the new addons and updates for the forum etc

Ive had a look at the latest bios as of today (Released 13th May 2009) and i think that the unlock cores have something to do wit the Core Levelling option which can be found under "CPU Configuration"

Flash the latest bios. Go to CPU Configuration and change the Core Levelling Option To "Enable All Cores" and Advanced Clock Calibration to "Auto"

Hope this works out for you

Sorry again for the long delay

www find

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