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Biostar TA790GX A3+ unlock 4 cores
(07-14-2009, 09:28 PM)Administrator Wrote: Restore all bios defaults
Flash bios
Restore Defaults
Set Ht Link Speed to 1,6ghz
ACC @ all cores
Value(all cores) @ -2%
Core Levelling on Auto

Save Changes

sound like the BIOS in eXtremesystem :|, however, i will try and report back !
p/s: the same like extremesystem, can unlock 4 cores but can OC by using Custom P-States and HT Link must be 1.6GHz, if not, PC will going down Sad

thats even more up to date than the last one - give it a go!
www find
(07-14-2009, 10:30 PM)Administrator Wrote:

thats even more up to date than the last one - give it a go!
hehe, wonderful !!!!!!!!!! I can OC by using BIOS now ! Only " old bug " that must set HT Link at 1600MHz, but can Unlock by " Auto " the ACC and OC by using Custom P-States now ! Thanks alot, Admin !!!! Hope in the future, u can mod the BIOS that can unlock with HT Link @ 2GHz ...
Thanks alot, my Super Man HeartHeartHeartHeart My Hero HeartHeartHeart
Lol Thanks For All The Praise

and Congratulations On Your Unlocked Bios , please could you post some screenshots of YOUR bios and also CPU-Z readouts (free program , use google)
www find
Here it is !!!!

[Image: unlocked.png]

[Image: cpuv.png]
[Image: 604352.png]

only one thing ... please, if u have free time, please check this BIOS and do some thing that make this BIOS can unlock @ HT Link 2GHz ... if could ... very thanks ! HeartHeartHeartHeart
hi everybody (sry for poor language)
im new here and i have hopes Angel Smile i want to try something can u help ?
done this operation (Activating 4th core) on ECS A790GXM-A ver:1.0 (exactly same chips and capabilitys of Biostar - but its another brand)
(my cpu : Phenom II X3 710 (ready to unlock Big Grin))
can u help me with some bioses :
here is my bios :

can do same options on it ? can be my HERO HeartHeartAngelAngel too ? Big Grin

For now - nothing happend when i turned ON ACC Confusedad:
Djmd ,

Please Post This As A Seperate Thread , As We Automatically Lock Threads That Have Been Successfully Modded.

Posting As A Separate Thread Will Increase The Chances Of Us Seeing And Being Able To Resolve Your Problem

Kind Regards
www find
yup, creat a new thread, man.
@Admin: please take a look at the new BioStar Modded BIOS and try to make it can unlock with HT Link@2GHz, please ... please ... please ...
hahaha ok il see what i can do for you

www find
(07-15-2009, 10:22 PM)Administrator Wrote: hahaha ok il see what i can do for you

many thanks, hehe Big Grin

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