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Biostar TA790GX A3+ unlock 4 cores
(07-30-2009, 01:56 AM)1234s282 Wrote: Thats got nothing to do with the mod i dont think , maybe you need better cooling to let your chip overclock higher??

And also , the screenshot reads 3840 mhz , so why are you trying 3200 ????

just wanna OC them as high as default VID & vcore..
only for daily use Smile

mgshock Wrote:my X4 B50 can stable @ 3.2GHz ( 200x16 ) with only 1.125v
u set to under volt??
ok, i'll try it @ home.. Smile
ADMIN, need your help. I have the same problem with my 550BE but on Biostar 790GX 128M V5.1 Huh My 550BE unloked on Gigabyte motherboard, but don't want to do that on my. It is 0923APMW, but when I trying to unlock it it doesnt boot !!! I tryed all types of bioses (113,115-moded HT, adn last with core leveling from hire;t=000617 ) but nothing not heppend... Whan I enabeleing ACC to AUTO and save changes and reboot the are is no any post at all no any sounds and monitor go off . By Jumper i clean bios and coudn't do nothing. Please somebody help me ? maybe I do something wrong? My ISQ 465131471, please help.
You would get better advice from the others users rather than me , as i dont have the board

Try contacting mgshock as he has succesfully done this mod

www find

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