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Celeron 600 Mhz support for AZZA PT 6IBP
I have an old AZZA PT6IBP and an old Celeron 600 Mhz. Tryed to put them together, but the bios from AZZA PT 6IBP see the celeron as pentium 3 and from time to time when I try to shut down or reset the pc it fail to do it (no post after attempting to reset the pc; if it's happening when I try to shut it down then the pc never stops and display a blank screen).

With an P2 400mhz on azza pt6ibp there is absolutly no problem so I kinda think something is not initialised right by the bios when the celeron 600 mhz is there.

I attached 2 files:
- pt6ibp.rar the last bios I was able to find for AZZA pt6ibp
- the bios for Acorp 6BX81 that support celeron 600 mhz

Attached Files
.rar   pt6ibp.rar (Size: 148.1 KB / Downloads: 1)
.zip (Size: 142.18 KB / Downloads: 2)
This one was pretty straightforward , there was basically 2 microcodes that were in one bios and not in the other. Heres your bios with all the microcode that was in the other bios. Flash at your own risk and you should have support for the 600mhz Celeron Smile




[Image: adminsig.jpg]

I will not be held responsible for anything that may go wrong with your BIOS, and by downloading a modded bios you are held responsible for what you choose to do with it. Big Grin

Looking for a whitelist disabled HP bios?
www find
Ty and sorry for the late reply but I was sick Sad .
Thanks for confirming,

Moved to unlocked /mod


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