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Changing Splashscreen
(02-02-2016, 12:37 AM)genius239 Wrote: I Incidentally attach the single modified bios file,previous download link is msi E7737v28.exe auto update utility that i have replace the mod bios into it.
This one is a single bios file.
You can choose you like type to update bios.!PtJggIhR!FhT8YP-ngqGnq...d6PXb0IUv8

Yea, I noticed black screen again  Huh Thank you for new file, I hope it works this time! Big Grin

I only have the BIOS exe file of my Acer Switch Alpha 12. Can I request to mod the BIOS to remove my bootup logo here?

I just want to remove the Acer logo on bootup.

Hope you can help me out.



(01-29-2016, 11:55 PM)genius239 Wrote: Hi friend!!
Replace msi mainboard logo is not diffcult i think,here is my test msi logo,you can visit it.

Here is logo of Big Bang-XPower II from v28 bios that i extracted.!3xJliIoT!GAHAlCLgifsg-...skRp4OojVQ

It contain bios file and flash tool i extracted from E7737v28.exe, and two jpg image.
Its format is jpg 1024x768 not a bmp,so i think you need make a same format is better.

These two jpg name mean that module name on the bios,so if you want to replace logo ,you need replace both them.(Using changelogo only can replace module 7bbxxx--xx)

How to replace msi logo??
My approach is,use intel fpt (Flash Programming Tool) to backup my currect bios,then modified logo and flash it again,it's easy.


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