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Coffee Lake Cpu´s on MSI Z170A g45
I wanted to modify my MSI Z170A g45 to run a r0 stepping 9900k.
My Cpu is properly modded. The needed Pins are covered/Shorted
So far the System somewhat posts but i cant enter bios. 
I get stuck on New CPU or Memory detected. Then i cant press F1 because of ether no io or a freeze idk right now. I tried different keyboards with usb and ps2 plug.

My Bios right now and unmodified version are attached.

Can someone look over this and help me out? Or is there a bios region from a Z370/Z390 compatible donor board?
Use CoffeeTime by svarmod or AllInOne_Tool by Revlaay
If i try AllInOne_Tool the newest version crashes on gop/vbios. so i tried the gop/vbios from an older version and then continued with the newest.... would only post my 6600k but not the 9900k.

Coffee Time Says
  - This MSI motherboard can't works with Coffee CPUs rev. U0/P0
    without changing BIOS region from compatible Z370 donor (if it

  - At the moment CoffeeTime can't do this automatically. But you
    still can try mod it for B0 CPUs.

So i am pretty much stuck right now

[ 1 ]  ME ver.      -  #  Consumer
[ 2 ]  VBIOS ver.   -   1062
[ 3 ]  GOP ver.     -   9.0.1080
[ 4 ]  PCIe x16     -   Activated
[ 5 ]  SKU hack     -   Activated
[ 6 ]  Cores sync   -   Activated
[ 7 ]  Init 16CPUs  -   Activated
[ 8 ]  ACPI tables  -   CPU8+ patterns found
[ 0 ]  Microcodes   -   506E3 906E9 506E1 506E8 906ED

[ H ]  ME HAP-bit   -   ME ENABLED
[ U ]  FD Regions   -   All unlocked

      MCodes info  -   Found 5 microcode(s) in volume(s) 3

Thats what coffeetime says about my bios. Looks like 906ED is inside for r0 support.
i Tried both ME HAP bit enabled and disabled.

any sugesstions? or anyone with a compatible bios to get it working?
I do not advise on the products of others.
What would you suggest to try?
Try to contact to authors.

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