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Dell Inspiron 560 Microcode update BIOS [Solved]
Hello all!

I'm trying to do the 771 to 775 mod for my dell inspiron 560 replacing the core 2 duo E6700 with a Xeon E5450. I have the all the physical work done, but I am thinking I need to add CPUID codes to my bios to get support for the E5450. I booted the box the first time and got into windows, but windows wasn't recognizing the new CPU in computer properties so I rebooted and checked BIOS. The bios was seeing the cpu correctly so I rebooted, but I've never gotten into windows again, I see the windows logo but no loading animation. After resetting bios to default settings and failed attempts to even reinstall windows (it does the same thing as hard drive boot, windows symbol but no loading be it a windows install disc or usb).I am thinking maybe it is not working because it is missing cpu instruction sets. I've tried to follow guides at this point to mod the bios, but of course the dell bios comes as a .exe and I apparently fail at dos because I can't even get it to extract the rom with /writeromfile command (I get a commandline error when I try). Could anyone help me to mod the A06 bios with the correct microcodes? I know I am out of my depth here so any help is really appreciated.
When you run BIOS setup, folder "C:\FlashTmp" is created. You can find BIOS and AFUWIN.EXE in it.
I've analysed latest BIOS (A06) for microcodes:
Offset   Size Version Date       CPUID
0x000020 0800 02C     08/26/2004 0F25 (Gallatin)
0x000820 1C00 017     04/21/2005 0F34 (Prescott)
0x002820 1400 017     04/22/2005 0F41 (Prescott)
0x004020 0800 005     04/21/2005 0F43 (Prescott)
0x004820 0C00 006     04/21/2005 0F44 (Smithfield)
0x005820 0C00 003     04/21/2005 0F47 (Smithfield)
0x006820 0800 003     04/21/2005 0F49 (Prescott)
0x007020 0800 004     12/14/2005 0F4A (Prescott)
0x007820 0C00 00F     12/15/2005 0F62 (Presler)
0x008820 0800 00B     05/10/2007 0F65 (Presler)
0x009020 0C00 004     12/23/2005 0F64 (Presler)
0x00A020 1400 218     04/10/2009 0106C2
0x00B820 1400 219     04/10/2009 0106C2
0x00B020 1400 107     08/25/2009 0106CA
0x00E820 1400 107     08/25/2009 0106CA
0x010020 1000 0D0     09/30/2010 06F6 (Conroe)
0x011020 1000 0BA     10/03/2010 06FB (Conroe)
0x012020 1000 05D     10/02/2010 06F2 (Conroe)  
0x013020 1000 0A4     10/02/2010 06FD (Conroe)  
0x014020 1000 06A     10/02/2010 06F7 (Kentsfield)  
0x015020 1000 0BA     10/03/2010 06FB (Conroe)
0x016020 1000 043     10/04/2010 010661 (Conroe-L)
0x017020 1000 60F     09/29/2010 010676 (Wolfdale)
0x018020 2000 A0B     09/28/2010 01067A (Wolfdale)
0x01A020 1000 60F     09/29/2010 010676 (Wolfdale)
0x01B020 1000 70A     09/29/2010 010677 (Yorkfield)
Please tell S-spec of your E5450.
Thanks for the info!

SLANQ is the s-spec code for the E5450 and the cpuid is 1067Ah
Please try my mod of BIOS.
(01-09-2016, 06:07 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Please try my mod of BIOS.

Worked like a charm! Thank you for your help! All up and working now.
Attach BIOS to this topic and add [Solved] to header.
I to have the Dell Inspiron 560. I see this bios update. I have a Xeon X3323 and have the sticker. I believe the CPUID is 10676. Is the flash listed about the correct one I need to run this processor?

771 to 775 Mod Stickers - Single - Pair
You need to use my new mod of BIOS.
(07-15-2016, 01:50 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Fastvan67
You need to use my new mod of BIOS.

Great! Next question.. How do I flash this?

771 to 775 Mod Stickers - Single - Pair
Download and unpack
In windows: run AFUWIN.EXE
In DOS: rename AFUDOS.EXZ to AFUDOS.EXE and run it.

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