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Dell Optiplex 760: Quad core CPU support
So we have a thread with OptiPlex 360 380 760 780 960 Xeon LGA 771 E0 1067A Microcode .
I got Xeon X3363 C0 10676 CPU. I would be greatfull if someone could update it with correct microcode.

Thanks in advance,

It doesn't need to modified c0 stepping for optiplex 760's bios.
I have checked the latest version bios as a16,it already contain fully c0 microcode for 771 and 775 platform,flatform type 01,10 for desktop flatform,and flatform type 04,40 for server flatform.(but e0 stepping only for 775)So you only need to update the version a16 bios from dell's website.
Thank you for the replay.
The thing is that in task manager there are only 2 cores visible. CPUID also shows 2/2 cores/threads. I thought it's because missing microcode.
However, in device manager I can see 4 CPU units. I did full bios reset but it didn't help too.
Should i reinstall windows7 itself?
Maybe you can try "msconfig" function
[Image: disable-windows-splash-screen.jpg]

go to advanced options to setting number of processor,disable check box then reboot sysytem.
[Image: Number-of-Processors.jpg]
Awesome! It works.

Many thanks.

I've two systems Dell Optiplex 760 USFF that are running Intel C2D E8400 processor.

On this Ultra Small Form Factor model the Bios does not Support Core 2 Quad processors but the Optiplex 760 bigger models (SFF, Desktop and Mini Tower) this C2Q processors are supported, I was reading some web pages relating to this USFF models and some people are saying that is possible to have this machines running Core 2 Quad processors since the chipset and motherboard Support them but the Bios must be modded to allow this processors to run, I've installed and C2Q Q8400S and another C2Q Q9400S and got a message saying "Processor not supported".

I would like to ask if someone is able to get me a modded Bios for this Optiplex 760 USFF computers?

The chipset on this machine is: Intel Q45/Q43 Express chipset
Installed bios from Dell: A16 (link:

Processors needed to Support:

Processors have a 65W TDP because of the small size for the case.

- Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9400S (

- Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8400S (

- Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9550S (

I'm new here so don't know if there's more information needed, if so please reply to this thread and I'll reply as possible.

Come on guys, I really need your help!!!
Could someone help me on this or at least give me some orientation about how to do it?


I'm very disappointed with this forum, no one is able to help me? at least explain how to do it? I'm not sure if I'm capable to do it by myself but neither way I could get help!!!
I've seen other posts that people have similar problems and no answers/help are given, why this website exists? only for half dozen of users and friends? I use other forums (NAS, Firewalls, Routers, . . .) for other kind of systems and always got help to my issues and sometimes to the same issues lots of users and moderators help, so on this I'm disappointed and frustrated because I have a problem and found this fórum hoping to solve my issue but it seems that this is a no future cause . . . .

You need to provide better bios file, I can not extract your bios from that installer.

edit: I got the bios .rom file but I Can't work with it, every app I try gives error, so maybe it it compressed or encrypted somehow, I can't find anything about it on google. sorry ^^
edit2: okay so andy's tool opens it but I can't figure that out haha.. Tongue
Please show Service Tag (located on the back of the computer case, but can also be located on the top or side of the system) and screenshots of CPU-Z with all tabs.
Dell OptiPlex 760 series use common BIOS. It's a hadware limitation, not BIOS's probllem. Read this & that.
Quote:The Dell OptiPlex 760SFF also uses two types of motherboards depending upon the processor one is for quad core and other Non-Quad core CPU motherboard.
Quote:T674K motherboard does not support Core 2 Quad CPUs, only Core 2 Duo CPUs.
U562N motherboards support both Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo CPUs.
Quote:It is not the chipset, it is the number of voltage regulator IC's the motherboard has. The T674K is the cheap motherboard version and has less voltage regulator IC's.

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