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Dell Vostro 400
Hi guys,

I have googled around and have found a guy who had in the past edited the bios of the vostro 400 to support all the raid that the ichr9 on this board supports. Problem is his website is now down and I cannot find the files.

If someone can mod this for me with a proper intel orom for the ichr9, or point me to a guide that explains how to edit ami oroms, i would be most grateful.

I believe i have attached the stock intel bios bin file. I maybe incorrect though.

Otherwise this link will get you the EXE setup for the system

Attached Files
.bin   713D1L50.BIN (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 24)
Ixnay that, I have it figured out. My problem was i was under the assumption it was an AMI bios. When it was an award, I was able to update the orom for my computer no probs Big Grin

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