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Dell XPS 720: Xeon E5450 support?
All BIOS will have a hard drive priority boot list, check in the boot section maybe.

I checked your manual, it's limited and no BIOS images, so I can't be sure. But I believe Boot Sequence is the setting equivalent for what I mentioned for you to have your hard drive first, unless you are needing to boot to a CD or USB and cannot use the hotkey (F12) for boot menu choice at startup. And it seems that is the only setting for these two things I mentioned, so combined into one. Move your hard drive to the top of this list. Then boot to install CD/DVD by pressing F12 at startup when you'd normally hit F2 to enter BIOS, then choose CD/DVD to boot to the installer.

And for future reference, I see to boot from USB you must disable floppy/diskette first.

Win10 is probably not compatible with this old of a system, try Win7 instead
Yeah, Win 7 is what I'd been working with before but I decided to try 10 for the [censored] of it. Gonna go back to 7 and try again.
Okay @Deathbringer, Lost_N_BIOS and I have been working on the win-raid forums trying to get 2015 microcode into this BIOS to no avail. I even tried making an .exe on the machine itself using DDCU and a .hdr file but it still refuses to flash, citing consistency errors. Is there anything you know how to do that we don't?

Here's the .hdr file Lost sent me:
Yes, please and thanks DeathBringer, can you insert the 2015 microcode code for EvieSigma, and please tell me how you repackage the regular EXE so it passes consistency check.

I tried several methods, even correcting the size header leading up to the G5.gz, and I see that made worse. So I looked at your exe and noticed you left it as it was, even though the G5.gz size was changed in your exe, and yours worked so I went back and left same like you did but it still fails. So there is something I'm missing, hope you could tell me what it is so that next time I can do this type of mod for the next person, thanks!

I extracted the G5.gz (HDR), modified it for microcode without header, then repacked the G5.gz, then hex edited that in place within the exe
Here is my exe attempt I thought would work, but it wouldn't flash

No One flash or force a way to use ^^ that BIOS ^^ only for DeathBringer to check over for me and learning purposes only
"2015 microcode" will not help for Xeon.
You need to correct checksums in your mod.
BTW: I'm not a tutor.
It's not about if it will help, I know it wont help anything in general, but it's only to have latest microcode is all DeathBringer.

Sorry to ask for your guidance, I know you are not a tutor, but thought you wouldn't mind dropping a little bit of help to a fellow BIOS modder who is here also trying to help you out in the forums with all the BIOS mod requests.

Thank you for the checksum hint, hopefully that will show me the way! Was that the only issue? Hope so!
Sad No luck, can't figure out the checksum selected area or what type of checksum it is. I see it is 4 bytes in the HDR, right before last 4 ending bytes though, but unsure how it's calculated Sad

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