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Lenovo Y710 Cube-15ish

After reinstalling Windows and formatting the disk all the serial numbers, uuid, preinstalled os type and oa2.1 oa3 keys disappeared form windows. I could reinstall 'machine type and model', uuid and some serials by updating windows (version O2DKT23A) using official windows app. Serial numbers of motherboard, cpu disappeared. And then appeared a text "Press enter for a normal startup" but nothing changes when I press enter. The text just disappears.

I tried lenovo maintenance diskette, but when I try to read or write smth it says "EEPROM cheksum error" else I can't set anything there. (It gives me an another errors when I try to do something else (for example set uuid) I can write them down if required) 
So I can update my s/n only using bios update utility.

How to get out of the "EEPROM cheksum error" and other errors?
I can't set System Brand id and some programs don't work because of it. Sad

Motherboard lenovo 364a
Amibios aptio V

Thanks in advance!

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