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Enable speedstep CPU support on Toshiba M50-244 laptop
I've acquired a 1.7 Ghz Pentium M CPU (dothan core I believe) which I have used to replace the 1.4Ghz celeron M CPU on this laptop. However, it seems that toshiba's bios doesn't support the speedstep feature of the CPU so its stuck at around 600Mhz and at the moment is slower than the celeron it replaced. The laptop has an ATI xpress 200m chipset which allegedly supports speedstep so I would like to know if its possible to enable this through a bios mod or whether I should just swap the CPU back. The bios is a phoenix bios and can be downloaded from toshiba at

If any kind soul would help me get the full performance out of this CPU it would be appreciated or at least let me know if I should give up hope on it.

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