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Epox AF570+ Ultra/G rev. 1.x Phenom am3 support
Someone wrote about 900mhz in BIOS but windows runs on full speed.
Thanks, I could live with that, as long as I have the performance. Sadly, not the case here.

I noticed, that the CPU is being recognized as Phenom X4 B60. From what I understand, this happens when you unlock cores on this model with a mobo that has this ability. Also, if I understand correctly, the core unlocking is a hardware feature. This chip does not have any healthy locked cores, it has been tested, so I couldn't care less about core unlocking Smile

My question is if there is a way to permanently set the CPU multiplier for Phenom X4 B60 to 15 or 16, as this mobo can run 250 FSB without any issues and it will allow me to run it on 250x16 - 4000mhz, as I know for a fact that the CPU will handle it.

Any thoughts? Cheers !

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