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Flash original Lenovo bios using DOS
Hi all,

I need help flashing an original bios from Lenovo. I tried using their BIOS Update Bootable CD tool running from bootable USB, but it wont let me flash the bios. I got an error saying the AC adapter needs to be plugged in, while it is actually plugged in. Laptop isn't recognizing the power sources correctly after I flashed a bios with removed whitelist. So I'm hoping to resolve this issue by flashing the original one.

I've been thinking that it might be possible to extract the original bios image from .exe or .iso provided by Lenovo and flash it using some DOS utility. Please, can anyone tell me how to do this and/or provide me the neccesary files/tools?

.iso -
.exe -
After a lot of searching I found a way to do more or less what I wanted, but it didn't resolve my issue, which is probably hardware related. If anyone needs to bypass the battery/ac/date (version) check when flashing UEFI bios, here's how I did it.

I extracted the bootimage using geteltorito script from the iso provided by Lenovo as described here:

There are most likely another tools, which you can use for this. Then I copied the content of the FLASH folder to bootable DOS USB stick. After booting the stick I ran dosflash.exe. It may take several arguments, most important is the /file path-to-bios-file, which in my case ends with .fl1 and is located in a subfolder in the same folder as dosflash.exe. By default, dosflash wont check the ac or battery status and you can use the /sd option to skip the date check. Use /help for complete list of arguments.

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