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Gateway FX P-7805u CPU Unlock/Support
Hiya everyone!~

This is my first post here so please forgive me if I have this a little wrong. I've recently picked up an old Gateway FX laptop to relive some childhood memories and wanted to completely max it out as a little retro gaming laptop. 

I picked up a QX9300 on the cheap from China and on the stock BIOS version of 9c.23.00 the CPU would show and detect in the BIOS fine but it wouldn't boot into any OS, it would try then just instantly crash/bootloop. I've attempted with Windows, Linux, DOS Recovery Environments, and everything. The only thing it would actually run is memtest86 and that didn't throw any errors. 

I did find another modified rom on this forum that added more settings into the BIOS and I found that when I disabled all C States that it would actually post and boot into windows and everything was perfectly fine. Except that the CPU is only showing as a dual-core and acting as a dual-core. Another thing was when I tried to change the clock multiplier within throttlestop, the PC would instantly reboot. But oddly it would reboot at a higher speed, but it was as soon as I clicked the + button on the multiplier, and if I tried to reopen throttlestop after the reboot it would just do the same thing over again, so I can't set it any higher. 

I'm hoping that someone can potentially re-mod this already modded bios to enable the other 2 cores and maybe add the multiplier settings directly into the BIOS or solve the PC instantly rebooting the second the multiplier is changed above 10.5.

I was also curious if it was possible to get more than 8GB ram in the system. Mine is a DDR3 system rather than the seemingly more common DDR2s that I've been reading about. Truly I just want to push this system to the absolute limits. 

I'm also willing to pay someone 50 to 100 bucks if they can get it working properly, even though this is an ancient laptop by this point is has more sentimental value then I know how to put into words in a meaningful way.

I've attached the modded BIOS that I've used in the attachment section below. I'll see if I can do some poking around to find the stock version of 9c.23.00 if that'll be more useful.
.rar   mod.rar (Size: 985.89 KB / Downloads: 1)

Thanks for reading this everyone. Hoping to hear some good news back~

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