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Guide Whitelist remove for 2014+ Lenovo/thinkpad
(01-15-2020, 03:58 AM)shaqksmith Wrote: Could someone help me remove the WIFI/WWAN white list or unlock advanced settings for my Lenovo Miix 510? plz. Sad
Thank you very much in advance.
Need your bios dump only
Check your PM
(05-07-2016, 01:22 AM)kimipm Wrote: i have success whitelist remove my x1 carbon 2nd gen 2014.  i will share what i have done, i would say that is easy. what i have done is to replace LenovoWmaPolicyDxe module from extracting  Wisar and Leokim patched bios. i would think this method will work most lenovo model as i have test a x1 carbon 3rd gen and T450 patched module. 

First i am not response for anything and it is danger to lose your laptop

   What hardware you need:  window pc , [u]CH341A  and a SOIC8 SOP8 test clip [/u]

           Ebay SOIC8 CLIP &  CH341A

   Software: CH341A Programmer 1.26 (working only CH341AFree.exe)
                   CH341A Programmer 1.13
                    Phoenix/Dell/EFI SLIC mod v2.66
    Patched Module. (Try similar model or year)

        X1 carbon gen3 2015 1.06 N14ET28W whitelist+unlock menu source Leokim
        X240 2014 LenovoWmaPolicyDxe whitelist module source Wisar/BDMASTER
        X230 2013 2.62 G2ETA2WW whitelist module source BDMASTER
        T450s 2015 1.17 JBET52WW whitelist+unlock menu   source stevenmirabito
       X220 2011 1.40 8DET70WW whitelist+unlock menu  source raidriar@nbr/BDMASTER
        T430 2012 1.16 G1ET41WW whitelist module   source ucupsz/BDMASTER

  1. Open your laptop and find your bios chip and search for it. My is MXIC MX 5L12873F  it is 16Mb chip
  2. Connect the ch341a and clip to your window machine and laptop
  3. Open ch341a programmer 1.13/ CH341A.exe click “chip search” if it find your chip then next step, else rechip the chip/
  4. Open ch341a programmer  1.26/ CH341AFree.exe choose your bios type/size my is 25 spi flash 16MByte
  5. Click Read
  6. After done click Save (bios1.bin)
  7. Repeat 5) save as bios2.bin
  8. Open HxD “Crtl+k” compare .   bios1.bin and bios2.bin if they are same go to next step otherwise repeat 5)
  9. Open a new folder call “patch” and copy your bios1.bin there and rename it to patch.bin
  10. Open Phoenix/Dell/EFI SLIC mod v2.66 original BIOS /patch/patch.bin , waiting it load then click structure
  11. On the EFI Structure screen explore the module and find DXE Driver {79E0…….. LenovoWmaPolicy Dxe module
  12. Click “+” and Click PE32+ image section click the box of compress Inserted/Replaced Modules
  13. Click Replace and browser the file “79E0EDD7-9D1D-4F41-AE1A-F896169E5216.MOD” from X1 carbon gen3  module or X240 patched module or other
  14. Click exit then Save
  15. Click Advanced , click box “No SLIC”, “Always allow user modification of modules” then Done
  16. Click Go , click ok to any popup window.
  17. Your patch bios is done (patch/patch.bin) the program of phoenix will overwrite the original file!
  18. Now it is the time to write to the chip
  19. Open ch341a programmer  1.26/ CH341AFree.exe choose your bios type/size my is 25 spi flash 16MByte
  20. Click Erase it will erase your chip . must do it before flash
  21. After  erased , click Open, to your patch bios file /patch/patch.bin
  22. Click Write and wait 100%
  23. Now the mod is done, remove the clip and power on the laptop, it will beep 5 x2 time , it will gone once you go to bios setting and restart.

please kindly to share your result or different working LenovoWnaPolicyDxe module model for other.

Could someone Re-Upload these files

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