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HP DM4T Beats Insyde BIOS Unlock

I am interested in trying to unlock the BIOS for an HP DM4T Beats laptop. I am most interested in enabling AHCI support, but having access to the other features might also be useful.

The current version shown in the BIOS is F.08 dated 1/17/2012. However the most recent version available on the HP Support website is shown as F.07 dated 1/16/2012.

Here is the direct link to the HP site with F.07:
The bin file inside is named "01793F07.bin"

I've also attached the bin file & sig found in the HP_TOOLS\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\Current folder. (01793) Presumably this is F.08.

The two bin versions (HP website and HDD) do have slightly different size.
I need to flash the "F.07" and confirm it rolls back to F.07 and then flash up to the provided bios to confirm it is "F.08."

I've read through the forums and warnings / precautions when updating HP BIOS, particular if RSA signed. It seems thought that a lot of people are having success with the newer laptops -- is the semi-brick for RSA signed bios resolved? or is this still a risk? I believe the BIOS for this laptop is RSA signed since it starts with 01.

I can post pics of the BIOS screens if necessary.


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