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HP EliteBook 8460p UEFI chip programming - need pached BIOS
Hello everyone

Here is my issue.

My HP BIOS has bricked after update. I have tried every recovery method I could find through online forums, including restoring through a USB stick. Nothing has worked since the computer does not respond to any startup key combination. So I have decided to program the chip via a EEPROM programmer.

So here are the details:

I have THIS programmer working with a CH341a software, and I am using a TEST CLIP to flash the chip (MXIC MX25L6406EM2I-12G).

I have downloaded from the HP website a few versions of the BIOS. I have extracted the contents of the exe file, and found the .bin BIOS file (under a .CAB file). I have tried programming a few versions of these .bin files without any success. I looked a bit more online and found that the BIOS files I have used might be encrypted, and I have not found any way of decrypting them, since these UEFI BIOS versions do not include any .fd files, or insydeflash.exe, so the Phoenix Tool is no use as far as I can understand.

So can anyone help me get a patched .bin file that I can program with the tools described? The programmer software can only accept .bin files.

Or if there is something obvious that I am missing, can someone point it out to me?

Thank you

PS - i need the 68SCF version
try to use uniflash or flashrom.I have used the latter on many cases where the original flasher could not flash .

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