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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
Thanks! This works wonders for me. I got my HP m8300f as a gift from a co-worker who wanted to get rid of it. I decided to use it as a NAS. But the stock BIOS (5.20) gave me lots of random BSOD's and restarts, didn't support PCI cards with boot roms, and wouldn't work with all DIMM slots populated. This BIOS solved those.

I had an problems updating the BIOS using the HP windows based updating tool, which didn't work. So I tried the DOS version using the tools on page 1 of this forum but used the official 5.27 image instead. It worked but wasn't impressed so I ended up using this custom one now.

The following is just informative but I just wanted to share it:

I thought I'd mention this motherboard (even with stock) bios actually supports 4GB DIMM modules, one stick works fine, 2 and more is hit and miss. And I got interesting results when mixing with 2GB and 1GB DIMMs. And mixing which slots the DIMM's are installed in results in either works or fails.

Here's what I got with stock bios:

2 x 2 GB DIMM = no boot to post, error beeps. (don't know why, this is supposed to work. Upgrade to 5.27 didn't fix it, this new custom BIOS fixed that)

1 x 4 GB DIMM = works
2 x 4 GB DIMM = no boot to post, no error beeps
3 x 4 GB DIMM = boot to post, freezes after or before drive check
4 x 4 GB DIMM = no boot to post, error beeps
2 x 4 GB DIMM + 2 GB DIMM = boot to post, freezes afterwars
2 x 4 GB DIMM + 2 GB DIMM + 1 GB DIMM = boots to post, detects 4 GB of RAM, boots normally and even loads Windows which correctly detects 11 GB of RAM. FreeNAS only detects 4GB of RAM.
You might be right about memory too It seems like my problems started after I added the 2MB sticks and bumped system up to X64. I fixed some minor issues with some maintenance but still have reboot problems so I got the files and will apply new flash as soon as I get some free time. The other issues were minor causing a reboot to be needed, that was mainly the sidebar monitor almost always showed programs using 100% processor and programs were slow and sometimes just freeze. I fixed that by removing memory and shuffling around and removing processor and adding a drop of new high temp silicone grease to the dried out stuff that in came with (It was almost like powder it was so dry). Afterwards no more lockups and the monitor dropped below 50% and I actually heard the fan jump into high speed for the first time in years when I was using the system extensively. So my only concern is the reboot process. So far so good next step is flashing.

"Necessity isn't the Mother of Invention, The Science Fiction writer is" (Footfall-Larry Niven) Someone reads a book and says I can make that work, now we have cell phones and laptops and other things from books and movies years before they were invented. The first cell phone was designed by a tech on the beach after watching an ep of Star Trek.
I seem to have found my problem. The last HD I had replaced under warranty a Seagate Backup+ 2TB USB has bad LBA table. My issues only occur If I leave the drive connected to the computer. When unplugged the computer boots every time but when plugged in it freezes after post when system loads HD's before booting. Anyway still planning on reflashing maybe this weekend, OEM has very few options for tweeking.

"Necessity isn't the Mother of Invention, The Science Fiction writer is" (Footfall-Larry Niven) Someone reads a book and says I can make that work, now we have cell phones and laptops and other things from books and movies years before they were invented. The first cell phone was designed by a tech on the beach after watching an ep of Star Trek.
Hi guys,
I have been using the mod for 2 years and it works very well. I successfully overclocked my 64 x2 4000+ to 2.6 Ghz but I still need to get some responses ^^

1/ I still have the disturbing fan noise. I've checked every bios options but nothing can fix it except if I go to the software way (SpeedFan).

2/ I think it's time to do a little upgrade so I'd like to know if the Phenom I/II support is available or it's not possible anymore.

Thats all and thanks a lot for that incredible work Smile
*[censored]* guys... I am impressively surprised this thing is still going on... ;-)
Some facts from "my testing lab":
- the bus of this board is not able to manage more than 4Gb of RAM in any config (except -AM)
- there are still 4 or 5 (or so) different stock BIOSes, not all do speed up the fan
- there are at least 2 extremely modified BIOSes, 1 works for MCP61PM-HM without speeding
- I am still doing researches in my spare time to find the optimal mod for -HM, -AM and -GM
- you can be a lucky guy and find a bigger BIOS-ROM-Chip, I use a 4 Mb-variant!
- I will post everything I have, including my very own compatibility-list as soon as possible

(08-22-2014, 02:45 PM)patrickh74 Wrote: As an update. I now believe that I'm screwed. I decided to try again to reset everything to access the last 2 memory slots. I pulled all the components out (vid card, lan card and all of the ram), then I pulled out the CMOS battery and waited about 5 minutes and reinstalled it. I also used the jumpers to reset CMOS. I then replaced the jumpers, and installed 1 stick of 1gb ram into the 2 slot ( 0, 1, 2, 3) so 1 of the 2 blue memory slots that were non-functional when I updated the BIOS with the custom BIOS from your page. I started the computer and it went to the BIOS start up screen. I then hit the DELETE key to access the BIOS menus. I was going through the BIOS settings (I hadn't had a chance to change any settings yet) and suddenly the screen flickered twice and the monitor went black. It has not turned on since. No sounds, no beeps, no activity at all. I immediately switched out the power supply to see if that was the issue and nothing. Switched ram and ram slots (I have tried all of them) and still nothing. Is there anything else that I could try or should I just have its funeral?

At that point I recognized some of the capacitors blew up, I replaced with bigger ones...

(08-22-2014, 11:51 AM)TheWiz Wrote: The original support page claims that it only supports 2GB modules, see:

Whether or not this is actually the case I'm a bit skeptical of. I can test a 4GB RAM module in my nettle2 board today if that would help you.

With the bigger capacitors on my MCP61PM-AM it worked with 2x4Gb like a charme...
But since than everything changed...

Sometimes you just have to try to be sure it is not working...
[Image: logo.png]
I am back in here as I promised! Big Grin So tell me your needs!
this thread is about a ECS board model MCP61PM-HM that's part of a HP-system (Nettle2).
I have a board that's also manufautred by ECS and it looks nearly the same board. Only difference is that the first one has printed model mcp61-PM-HM rev: 1.0B 15-v06-011021 and chipset GF7050.
My board has exactly the same looks but the printed model is; mcp68-SM-PM rev. 1.0B 15-v06-011021 and chipset GF7025. This boars was build in a Packard Bell system.

It seems to me that both are technical nearly (maybe completely) the same boards. Would the modded bios also fit on mainboard mcp68-sm-pm?? If not, would you have a better one for me tu use?? I need a better bios for this board.

Hope to hear from somebody.

does anyone know how i can flash the official bios for this mb, it wont let me as im on windows 7 but bios flash needs vista
I can't seem to boot from my usb drive. I don't think my bios allows this option. Is there a way to burn the image to a cdrom?
Thanks to everyone who worked on this modified BIOS. I can't wait to try it on my HP. My motherboard only works with one ram dimm. Any more will cause BSOD's. I'm hoping this unlocked BIOS will solve this. Smile
Has anyone tried winphlash to flash the modified bios?
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Bios Wizard for taking the time to create an excellent Bios upgrade for our HP Pavilion computers. Your bios allows me to use all of my memory dimms. Big Grin Big Grin I also realized that one of my dimms are bad and needs replacing. No more BSOD's. Woooohoooo. Big Grin Big Grin

I figured out how to create a Win98 bootable CD-ROM. I downloaded the CD iso file and burned the image onto a CDRW, then copied the awdflash.exe and m613z_19.bin files to the disk. I have to admit that I was a little scared of messing up my system BIOS, and I thought I messed it up when I heard the system fan spinning like crazy, lol. Thankfully, setting the smart fan to auto fixed that.

The only hiccups that I encountered were that I had to reactivate windows and office, and my sound driver and video drivers had to be reinstalled. But otherwise, this is an awesome bios and my computer runs better than when it was brand new back in 2007 with Vista. All I had to replace were the hard drive and power supply. Big Grin Big Grin

I will gladly make a paypal donation for building such a great bios. Merry Christmas everyone! Big Grin Big Grin

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