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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) 5.17 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
Hi there,

You will want to follow the flash instructions using the Linux Live boot CD on page 1 of this thread. Be sure to use the BIOS image labelled PRIMARY for the 2.2v board.

www find
Thanks for getting back to me. Well, after I posted, I went and ran the live cd (couple of changes to the flashrom package, needed -p internal added to the read and write lines, and more to come it says). I installed the first bios and it works. If you say I should flash the second I will try, I just don't want to brick it. Let me know. Problem I have is System fan runs full tilt, and SpeedFan wont adjust it, might this be corrected with the second image?
Well, did as you recommended, installed the second image and it bricked it. urrr. Unit turns on, no power light, just fans. I have a programmer (BK845) can you tell me what file will work, and what the data structure is to program it.

Please clarify which one you flashed worked and which one didn't. I specifically labeled the secondary one in the first post because I thought that was the reported working one with the 2.2V board which seems to brick easier than the 2.1 version of the board.

If you have the time with the programmer, I would appreciate it if you tried all three images on the first post to help us clarify what works for the 2.2V board. I have tested all of the ones on my 2.1V board and they worked fine.

Sorry for the confusion,
www find
Ok, here are my findings.

61M27604.bin - Works on V2.2 using Linux flash procedure.

M801W_10.bin - Did not work, no post.

If I can figure out how to successfully program the DIP's, I would be glad to help with this board. Unfortunately I do not have a good one to read, verify, erase, reprogram, verify, and then test in board (as this is how it should be done). The only option I have is to read the bad one, and figure out how it compares to the M801W_10.bin file, then that tells me how it is programmed.

You mentioned 3 files? I see the above 2, 3rd is where?
The third BIOS file is listed under the experimental header. Once you click the link it is towards the bottom of the page. This is the image I am currently using on my board with full Phenom II support.

M801W is the one I knew was bad with 2.2 I am incredibly sorry that I mixed my words primary and secondary up and didn't realize which image was under which header. The confusion is my mistake entirely.

Please see how the third image works out.

www find
Its alive, I put the primary image back in and it booted. I'll thy the other one tomorrow.

Just wanted to let you know how I made out.

I ended up running the first image (61M27604.bin) . I changed the rear fan to a Dell unit with the thermal sensor, and it runs slower. The processor fan seems to operate as it should, when the unit comes out of sleep its off, but as temperature rises, it turns on. All lights work (sleep, power, hdd) and sleep mode works correctly. Everything is on point except for the Firewire ports have no resources, which is fine by me. The board is populated with 4GB ECC RAM (This chipset does support this), processor ID's correctly (Athlon II X2 215 @ 2.70Ghz), and machine flies as far as I'm concerned. Installed a GeForce 9500 card and pulls a 5.9 on the Windows Experience.

I didn't like the BioStar, as it seemed to disable even more properties of the board, but did work. Totally different resource assignments, as Windows had to reinstall all the hardware. Flashed the ECS image back in and run right up.

So others are aware - I was doing this with a EEPROM burner. Ver. 2.1 or 2.2 boards should have no problem with the first image when installed with the Linux process described. You will need to add the switch [-p internal] to the commands during read and write operations (at least with the version available on 9/4/13). If you have never seen or worked in Linux, jump in, its fun, nothing to be afraid of, just ask questions.
I have an HP m9357c that uses this board. The primary BIOS provided failed at the "verifying flash" stage of flashrom. While the motherboard states that this is an MCP61PM-HM 2.2 board, the HP 5.29 BIOS update refers to it as M2P61PM-HM.
Hello All!

First time trying to flash a BIOS like this. I'm hoping someone can help me, as I had a bit of an issue with it.

I have a Nettle3 motherboard, V2.2, that I attempted to flash to the Primary BIOS located in the first post of this thread, using the directions posted there (Linux LiveCD). Everything seemed to flash fine, but when I rebooted the PC, the fans run but I get no video. And after a few moments of sitting there, it just begins to beep, once every 3 seconds or so, continuously. I'm not sure what to do from this point forward. Any help would be appreciated!



I was able to get my PC going by following the AMI recovery procedures and recovering the Primary BIOS from the first page of this post. PCI IRQ errors, but everything does seem to be working now! Not sure why the BIOS flash failed the first time through Linux, but I'm just happy to have a running board.

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