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HP PROBook 450 G3 BIOS 1.06A has MRC problems (deadly MRC lockup)!
I decided to buy HP PROBook 450 G3, since I have concluded that for the performance/price prospective this notebook is almost ideal. With 6500U i7 (2+2, 2 core with HYP), with AMD Ratheon + INTEL HD 520 dual GFX for gaming, and with FHD internal FP it gives the optimal performance.

FW: BIOS: 1.03
SW: Operating System (dual boot WIN bootloader): Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows 8.1 (64-bit).
As I unpacked it, I stated playing with the BIOS 1.03 (initial one). First what I have noticed there is that HD-A (audio) was NOT enabled by default, which sparked the question: Why?
Then I set the whole BIOS to be UEFI ONLY (NO legacy, and use of CSM). I brought my UEFI live WIN 10 64 PRO, and noticed that FP has ONLY 1366x768 maximal resolution, which is most likely BIOS GOP problem (I'll talk about that in possible another post).
Once I brought up WIN 10 64 PRO (installed it on HDD), I decided to upgrade all the SW and FW from HP site. Noticed that ME is at, which is the latest ME available, but also noticed that there is newer BIOS, one named 1.06A (sp74289.exe dowloadable file). Once I downloaded this file, I then followed the BIOS guidance and have upgraded the BIOS to newest one (1.06A).
HP 450 G3 rebooted, and needed 2 minutes to start BIOS, since (my best assumption) is that new MRC algorithm could not set correctly parameters for Samsung DDR3L single 8GB SIMM module. But I left it to struggle... It finally passed.
I rebooted several times HP 450 G3, and it worked seamlessly, since I was installing additional drivers, to make it fully up to latest. But, while installing AMD Catalyst, it suddenly crashed, with so known BSOD... It rebooted once more to WIN 10 64 PRO, but, onceagain, it encountered BSOD.
Since then, my HP450 G3 is stuck nowhere. It does NOT pass MRC, I repeated boot 10x, it is the same. I had idea to switch 8GB SIMM to 4GB SIMM (to make MRC go another route), but since notebook has warranty, I returned it for to swap with new one.

Posting here to get some new ideas from audience what should I do more to determine the already assumed MRC problem, or possible some other ROOT CAUSE?!  Huh
Thank you,
Wrong forum! CPU in your laptop is unremovable, so CPU upgrade is impossible.
Thread Moved

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