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HP Pavilion DV5198ea
I tried modding my HP Pavilion DV 5198ea. When I install Windows 7 Pro with OEM key, I see product id with XXXX-OEM-XXXX-XXXX format. But it is not activated. Open 7 Activator says SLIC 2.1 present in BIOS. When i click install product key and cert only, it activates. I don't know if i missed a step when modding my BIOS. I attached required files. Thank you in advance.

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I can't help you with this, as I'm total newbie in this, but how did you mod your bios? I didn't find any tutorial for Phoenix BIOS, so I'd really appreciate help in this.
Quick update: I actually did edit and it worked. First, download Phoenix SLIC Mod Tool (2.73). Then your original BIOS from manufacturer website. In phoenix tool select your BIOS file. Then from manufacturer tab, select your manufacturer. In my case it was HP. Then select SLIC file. It is provided with the tool. Then, in my case it did not need SLP file. Probably because it was provided too. But i dont know if it is a must to provide a SLP file. I guess it is optional. (If you have a definite information about this please share.) Then i have a collection of certificates. I verified the SLIC with my certificate. Then i clicked GO. I flashed the BIOS. I used the Windows OS flashing tool provided from HP.(What i did is i extracted the package. I replaced original BIOS with the modded one. And voila!) But i created a customized Windows 7 installation disc using instructions HEREto embed a product key to wim file. And create a OEM folder with the correct certificate with correct name. (In my case it was HPQOEM) After installation it was OEM and activated.

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