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HP Z820 / NVMe Support
I have a HP Z820 which is an X79 board and AMI BIOS. I've been trying to bake in NVMe support into the firmware for a while.

I was able to extract the stock BIOS image (attached), open it in UEFITool, insert the NvmExpressDxe_Small.ffs module and repackage it back up (also attached).

The problem is flashing it back into the system. The stock flashing utility doesn't like the file and it fails verification during the flashing process. 

I've tried a variety of methods, including using the HP Crisis Recovery Mode, flashing from inside the BIOS/UEFI menus, and flashing from Windows using the HP flashing tool and they all fail. 

Does anyone have any idea where to look next or what to approach next? There are sellers on TaoBao selling BIOS modification services for the Z820. While i'm not above paying for it to be done, I would love to learn how it's done and how to get the file to pass verification.

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Since no one has responded, I would like to post a $100 PayPal bounty if you can mod it and explain your process and tools used to mod it.

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