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Help unlocking Biostar Mcp6pb M2+ bios
Mcp6pb M2+ Rev. 6.00

(Bios Link)

I really want to know why my bios refuses to boot if I raise my fsb to 254 or higher with the mutiplier at x10.5. Sometimes I can get it to boot without clearing cmos(after rebooting like 20 times) but when it does boot it wont post. I would like to know if this is some way to bypass the fsb limit on my mobo.
This isnt really a bios issue , you can only overclock a system so far. Try dropping the fsb , see what the highest is where you can reach the desktop , everything works and then dont go any higher. There may also be temeprature issues , as overclocking generates quite a lot more heat. Try putting some more fans in the case if theres space

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