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Help with Acer E5-521 (Z5WAE LA-B232P)
Hey guys,
I come here to ask for your precious help.
I have an Acer E5-521 22P notebook (Z5WAE LA-232P motherboard).
He was stopped for 2 years, but now my wife needed him and I went to call, but when calling, I accessed everything, but there was no image on the LCD or on the external monitor. Through some forums I saw that they advised to update the bios.
So far so good, I took apart the PC and with the CH341A programmer I was able to read the BIOS and write a new one (I got the files from this post:
However I noticed that there are 2 files, the BIOS and the EC.
After programming the BIOS, the notebook now only connects via the battery, but it still does not display an image (fan connection), in other words, the charger does not work.
Was it because I didn't program the EC? What chip are you going to have that file on?

I thank you in advance for any help that can be given. I send the backup of the bios.


Attached Files
.rar   Acer E5-521 22PD (Z5WAE LA-B232P).rar (Size: 2.69 MB / Downloads: 6)
Hello ppl,

Can anyone help me please.
I'm a little bit stuck at this.
There is a way to get a bios file from the .exe provide buy acer support? How?

This night I was able to program the bios (eveything goes ok), but after assembly the MB, this don't turn on (just with batery), I have to program also the EC chip? This MB have 3 of this (one I know that is the Bios. the other two I don't know), can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,
Hi there,

Thanks for the help. I try this but now I have a problem (I don't if was cause by me).

By steps:
- I use the CH341A programmer and the software 1.41.
- I think that I do every steps: Read, Verify, Erase, Read, Auto (write & verify)
- After I assembly the MB to screen, ac power & power botton.

The problem:
- Don't turn on
- If I put the battery (with the ac power connected) the led of chargind don't came on
- If I press the power button (with the battery), the leds came on, but still no image (and now I have lower charge on battery - the battery led came on orange)

Can be the EC firmware? Or KB9012 file? I don't tuch this file because I don't no how to do it.

Can I get any help, for this. I have have to rescue this laptop.

Best Wishes

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