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Help with Gigabyte X299 WU-8 PCie Bifurcation
[font=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Hello everyone[/font]

I was wondering if anyone could help modify the Bios of Gigabyte X299 WU-8 with PCIe Bifurcation.
I'm running a 7980Xe. Bios F4 ( Better performance than F5d )
I am running the ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIe 3.0 X4 Expansion Card V2 with a Samsung 970 and I cannot get it to recognize the others no matter what slots I put it in..
The Asus Hyper M.2 is now installed in the fifth Pcie Slot of my Mobo ( x8 );
I could also move it to PCIe Slot no1 . ( x16 ). my GPU is in slot 7.

Any input would be more than appreciated.

Thank you

PS: If I'm not mistaken I believe there's also a hidden option (Picture attached ) in the menu allowing to selects pcie 
port bifurcation for selected slot(s) but it is not visible or accessible in the stock Bios.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip (Size: 6.77 MB / Downloads: 10)
.zip (Size: 74.29 KB / Downloads: 4)
Somethings you need to prepare first before edit bios.

1. Go here and searching a modified Efiflash.exe , you need it to re-flash mod.

2. Please capture some current bios screenshots then attach them , especially is Peripherals tab's contents.

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donate me >>>click


Thanks for responding. I've attached a zip file containing all bios screenshots. The hierarchy should be self explanatory.

Thanks for the link regarding Efiflash.exe; I had no idea an invalid Bios image could occur upon reentry Wink

After reading all pages, not sure which version of Efiflash will work with my X299, but I'm ready to test and do the work.  I will also order a CH341A + SOIC8 if something goes wrong. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks for you help and patience during this new journey. Complete NOOB here.

PS: I do most of my work thru Hackintosh.

Attached Files
.zip   BIOS GA WU8 PICT .zip (Size: 8.16 MB / Downloads: 12)
Try this mod and respond the result to me ,thanks.

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My bios unlock >>> click
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So I tried few things but unsuccessful so far..

- Created USB Bootable with FreeDos & Rufus - Ok
- Tried different versions of the Mod Efiflash.exe from the post you mentioned earlier->  Keep getting error messages. ( error Pict below with v0.87 )
- also tried via to downgrade Bios to F3 ( via Qflash ) and also upgrade from F3 to mod F4 via mod EfiFlash & standard Efiflash 0.67 that came with F3 : Unsuccessful : "!!! SPI Flash initiate failure.

From what I understood in the other forum posts, the Efiflash.exe needs to be modded for each particular Mobo, but I don't know how to do that.
(Link below for standard Efiflash that was attached to X299 WU8.F3 )


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
No good suggestions about efiflash ,but you can attemps this tool to dump bios.
If it can backup bios correctly on this platform ,rename it to mod.rom and run flash.bat as administrator to test whether it able to re-flash.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click

Ok thanks.
Will do that tomorrow. Getting late here..
    I took a moment to do works. ( Pic attached )
Shall I rename now the F4 modded you sent me to mod.rom & try this or something else needs to be done?
No ,you should attach this bios dump to let me edit ,can't directly write the official f4 bios.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click

There you go. Thanks

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