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How do I add Voltage settings to my bios? (Asus P5K SE)
Nevermind. I flashed the bios with the following commands:
AFUDOS /iBIOS.ROM /pbnc /n
Here are results:
- Bios crossflash completed successfully.
- Xeon E5450 (E0 SLBBM) Is working flawless.
- NB Voltage Control Is working perfectly.
- Due to new voltage controls i overclocked cpu to 4 GHz without stability issues.
- I got new SATA option (RAID)
- Some voltage reading sensors got fixed
- Rest is working too.
That means success.
Asus P5K SE Can be successfully upgraded to Asus P5KR for free (by software).
- Confirmed mod. Safe flash.
Flash the mod using latest afudos from asus website with following command:
afudos.exe /iBIOSNAME.ROM /pbnc /n
rom/bin same thing in this instance. "biosname.bin" = filenameblahblahblah.bin / whateveryourfilenameis.bin Should be self-explanatory Big Grin
Good thing you have programmer, just in case!

Funny the original command didn't work for you! And even more funny you were able to crossflash without using /GAN Big Grin

Glad it's all working out good for you now!

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