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How to recover Dell Inspiron n5010 from failed BIOS update?
I replaced a hard drive in a Dell Inspiron n5010 Notebook PC and installed Windows 10 Pro, after that I installed Dell Support Assistant and checked for latest driver updates! Dell Support Assitant suggested that I update the BIOS, so I proceeded!

The laptop screen went dead and after about an hour I removed the power source and battery since the laptop wasn't responding and wouldn't turn off even if I hold in the power button! Now when I turn the laptop on it doesn't POST and beeps every few seconds continually!

I've read the following:
"Had this happen to a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop during a routine BIOS upgrade from A09 to A15. Once you have the two BIOS files (ROM and HDR), you need to initiate recovery mode. Yes, I am aware that this thread is 6 years old, but am posting anyway to increase the chances of someone else finding the help they needed. It took a lot of digging on the web to find the solution.

Anyway, to initiate BIOS recovery mode on the Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop, do the following:

  1. Format a USB flash drive to FAT (not FAT32), and place the two BIOS files on it.

  2. Remove the battery and disconnect power from the laptop.

  3. Plug your USB flash drive with the BIOS files into the laptop.

  4. Hold down the [End] key, and plug the power back in. The laptop should automatically power on.

  5. You should notice it's no longer beeping. After a couple seconds, the BIOS recovery screen should appear. Follow the prompts to reflash the BIOS.

from --> <-- but I'm not quite sure how to proceed!

I've copied the .rom and .hdr file extracted from the vA15 BIOS and copied to a FAT formatted flash drive, then I remove power source from the laptop and hold down the END key as mentioned above and the laptop does power on automatically, the laptop remains quiet from a few seconds as if it is attempting to locate recovery ROM and then starts beeping again!

Can I burn the .rom and .hdr to a CD? Should I rename these files?

Please, I need this laptop running again without replacing the system board!
I found the solution to my problem here --> <--
(12-04-2018, 01:53 PM)ArthurDurand Wrote: I found the solution to my problem here --> <--

However, after recovery ethernet doesn't show up in device manager!

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