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Hp Envy Ultrabook 6
Hey guys, so Im trying to access Video configurations but my bios is locked is it possible to mod it for me so I can enable pcie display so I can use my external gpu riser through my wifi card mini pcie slot. If the advanced settings in my bios can be unlocked I'd really appreciate it thanks.

Bios Revision - 3.7

Bios Type - Insyde
Bios Version - H20 F.25
Bios link -

Please help me unlock this bios.
(11-22-2021, 11:48 AM)7_M.O Wrote: Please help me unlock this bios.
Before trying software method of unlocking, prepare a usb recovery key as a precaution. If my BIOS mod won't work, please obtain the SPI programmer if you want to get access to advanced settings.

Let me know when you ready with usb recovery key and I'll send you a BIOS mod.
I'll create the recovery and let you know
So I've created the recovery...and I'm ready could you send the mod over for testing?

You can check out the pic below showing the recovery.
(11-22-2021, 02:49 PM)7_M.O Wrote: could you send the mod over for testing?
I've chosen to make a mod for the initial version to confirm immediate if whether a mod for newest versions would work. For HP Insyde BIOS it's always been that an old one would work more likely than a new one.
So exactly which version is this one and is it compatible to the hp Envy Ultrabook 6 -1112tx
You say it's an older version of the one I sent you?
Version F.05. Estimated 0% on success without using the SPI programmer.
So what's your take on this?
Should I still go ahead and try it ?
By the way what was up with the F.25 version I sent was it not modable? Or what happened?
(11-22-2021, 04:11 PM)7_M.O Wrote: Should I still go ahead and try it ?
Yes. Isn't that what you wanted? So you will be able to understand what bios protection is, and, probably, you will not have any doubts about the need to buy the SPI programmer.
(11-22-2021, 04:11 PM)7_M.O Wrote: By the way what was up with the F.25 version I sent was it not modable?
We didn't tried. But it's better to start with this.
I'll try it out and let you know
Though I would have felt a lot safer if you modded the f.25 version rather

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