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Important Information Regarding CPU Upgrade Requests (A README)
Requirements for request:
-bios link
-whats happens: I.e. It doesn't boot / it shows an error (which? post a picture)
-screenshot from aida64>motherboard>cpuid
-CPU spec code

As we continue to make progress in the CPU requesting process, it has been determined as of now that in order for us to try and complete your mod, we need to use code from a board that has the CPU support you want, and the SAME CHIPSET. While this can sometimes be hard and maybe impossible, and while CPU upgrades are still 50/50, we ask that you provide us not only a link to your bios, but a bios that you think has the potential to be a donor bios. We do not require this as of yet, but if we do not see an attempt, your request will not be answered.

UPDATE: I have discovered that in most cases, ACPITBL is not relevant to upgrading the CPU. Through using hex editors and non-compressed code, I have come up with a whole new strategy, and while you should still post a link with the board you want support from, the risky ACPITBL issues will no longer be relevant. 1-27-10

www find

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