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Insyde h2o bios [REQUEST] intel gfx on/off
I would be so happy if any of u great minds would take this mod to u, and maybe fix it.!
The only option i am interested in is to be able to turn of the intel intergrated gfx, would be perfect for Linux and great for windows if it could be done. Big Grin
I have searched the web for this and i see a lot of ppl in need of this option for this exact model. Undecided

If i can assist in anyway to achive this i will do my best..

Would also like to know how to do it if anyone can tell me, or if any of u sucess in this to know how u did it Shy
I have no skills in HEX but i can follow a throughout tutorial..!

So this is the Laptop:

Brand: Compal
Model: NBLB5 ( ( ( ( (speecy info)
This was the only way i could post img's via dropbox..

Link to bios flash file from my dropbox:

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.84 MB / Downloads: 2)
I unlocked advanced options, BUT, do not turn off IGFX if you are not sure if your computer is muxless or muxed... if it is muxed, then, ok, but if it is muxless(display connected directly only to igpu) and you turn it off, you can produce a brick or semi-brick, having warned you, here is your modded BIOS:


Okay cool ty, so is this one u have tried on ur own compal pc..? or is it one u just made for me Smile

is there a way to find out if it is muxed?

Will try it later and reply on what happens..
I have no compal pc, well I really dunno for sure, I do know that mostly the ones that have optimus technology are muxless, so no good, there are some other forums where people discuss this

Okay, well now im curious about a question i have had in my mind about this to.

Is all insyde bioses the same just on different boards? would i in theory could use a hp insyde bios file for this one.!

Btw this pc specs:
CPU: Core i5 M450
gfx intergrated: Intel HD not sure of wich model but could it be (3400)
gfx extern: AMD Radeon HD 5650 1GB vram (in linux lshw there stood something about root pci) <- dunno if it has anything in it..

linux output of bios cababillities:

vendor: Insyde
version: F.10
size: 1MiB
capacity: 1984KiB
PCI bus,
BIOS EEPROM can be upgraded,
BIOS shadowing,
Booting from CD-ROM/DVD,
Selectable boot path,
Enhanced Disk Drive extensions,
NEC 9800 floppy,
Toshiba floppy,
5.25" 360KB floppy,
5.25" 1.2MB floppy,
3.5" 720KB floppy,
3.5" 2.88MB floppy,
i8042 keyboard controller,
INT10 CGA/Mono video,
USB legacy emulation,
BIOS boot specification
you cant, using a BIOS that is not for your System bricks your pc

Ahh okay i thought so Wink well ty for help, i will try this one now so will be back afterwards Smile if i dont break anything Tongue

so i installed the modded bios, but i see no difference in bios options Sad everything worked perfectly through the installation and no need to restart in anyway. after the flash.bat the pc rebooted and i go into bios to see (but no difference) and started windows wihtout any probs Smile

Do u hvae any idea what is not changing the options? ty in advance for future help and for the help already Wink

I tried it again just to be sure, but no difference :/

When im in the usb DOS.
C:\ -> i do "flash.bat" -> and it install everything automatic afterwards reboot..

Is this the right way or do i need to do somthing different? Smile
ah well, send me a picture of your current BIOS tabs, I want to know what is there to unlock, and tehn I'll come back with another mod

Ohh if u mean when in entered bios at startup.! then press the links at the first post (page1 page2 page3 page4) its the 4 first links to dropbox Smile

I read that this would help in the Request sticky note Big Grin
Here friend, I tried new approach, test:



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