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Lenovo B575-1450CEU - Original BIOS Request

I have a Lenovo B575-1450CEU laptop which will no longer boot. I believe I accidentally corrupted the BIOS when I was fiddling around with efibootmgr. When I turn it on it gets as far as the first splash screen and then it turns off, and then it starts cycling the power on and off by itself, not responding to the usual F2 (setup) and F12 (select a boot device) keys. I believe it is a Phoenix BIOS, although it might be by Insyde, I'm not sure (apologies if I chose the wrong forum). I do know that the BIOS number is 52CN17WW.

Does anyone have a Lenovo 52CN17WW backup that I can use to flash my BIOS? I don't need any modifications made to it, I'm just trying to restore the machine to a working state.

I've never done this type of thing before, so please bear with me! I intend to use the BIOS Recovery guide on this website to flash the BIOS ( (if it turns out to be an Insyde BIOS I'll switch to that guide, of course)). I do have one question about the guide: it refers to paragraph 3 on to determine what the bios.wph file should be renamed to. This section is not clear about what part of the program output I'm supposed to be looking at. Can someone clarify how I determine what filename I should use, once I have the .wph file?

Thank you for your help!


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