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Lenovo G400
Lenovo G400
BIOS Version: 78CN25WW(v2.03) [original] Chipset HM76

To give a little more "life" to this lenovo:

Original CPU: i3 3110M [35Watt] (
New CPU: i7 3632QM [35Watt] (
Apparently all processor features work OK [Including HT and Virtualization]

At same time uprade ram to 4Gbx2 DDR3L 1600 HyperX Impact Black (auto timming); works great, set automatically to (9-9-9-27 CR=1T)

Update 1: i7-3520M [35 Watt] work OK [Including HT and Virtualization] (

Update 2: Now have a DDR3L 1600 HyperX Impact Black 16Gb kit (8Gb x 2) (9-9-9-27 CR=1T) working OK

Update 3: Apparently, the Lenovo G400 that comes with celeron installed, does not accept the i3, i5, or i7 processors [they only support 8Gb of ram, either a 8Gb module or two of 4Gb].

Update 4: Very few versions of Lenovo G400 [that originally come with the i3-3110M installed] support the 16Gb (2 x 8Gb) kit Hyperx Impact Black DDR3L 1866Mhz (11-11-11-32 CR=1T) [One of three Lenovo G400 in the house supported that kit, in the other two the screen starts flickering].

Only problem: the known issue of high temperatures on Ivy Bridge CPU.
[Context: ambient temperature = 26 to 28°C; Thermal paste Arctic Silver 5; T-JUNCTION=105°C]:

Idle temp.: 40°C
Normal work temp.: 47°C
Full load temp.: 85°C ~89°C peaks~ [3 hour test] [no BSOD, no automatic shutdown protection, no alerts, no hang up during test]
Update 5: In the last change that was made of thermal paste, temperatures fell, now only reaches a maximum of 75 ° C

Sorry, my english isn't good.
does the turbo boost work on this laptop when using i7 3632qm ?

i have g400 ( 2020M , radeon 8570m ) i was upgraded the processor to i5 3230M .
when i checking in the bios, i didnt see the turbo boost feature .

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