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Lenovo W510: Problems Flashing Bios / Searching for Bios File
Hey everyone,
Im searching for a BIOS-File for my Lenovo W510. I downloaded several different verions, but most of them dont work, when direktly flashed to the SPI Chip (I use a TL866 Programmer).
I found one thats working partially: the BIOS seems to work,
its putting out beep-codes, which imply faulty "password chip" (5xshort, 5xshort),
and not recognised graphic chip (2xlong, 2xshort, afterwards 1xlong, 2xshort in a loop).
The original Backup (.bak) is not working, when flashed direktly on the chip. Since I cant start any operation system, there is no other way to flash it.

My Questions are:
- Do I need to modify the bios-files for flashing over Windows (like I can download from the Lenovo Website) to flash it directly to Flash-Chip?
- Does anyone have working file for my situation or can tell me how to modify my original backup for direct flashing?

Thank you very much for every little help!
I hope I placed the Thread in the correct place and gave you all the Information you need!

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