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Lenovo m83 bios hack uploading the nvme driver for bios
Such a problem:
I modified the Lenovo m83 bios computer, i.e. I added nvme support.
And now I tried to upload it, which unfortunately did not work
an error appears:
18 - error secure flash rom verify fail
I probably assume rightly that the shrinkers from Lenovo introduced a checksum that prevents the upload of "modded" bios
Has anyone tried to work around this?
Of course, in the version for real tough guys, it could be desoldered, programmed and soldered Smile although it is not very "elegant".
Unfortunately, none of the "methods" found on the Internet have worked so far, and probably saving it with a "special" checksum is impossible because I do not think that Lenovo will reveal such secrets.

Any suggestions for a solution are welcome.
BIOS ripped from 64Mb memory

.zip   oryginal bios z (Size: 5.26 MB / Downloads: 0)
Bios from the website

.zip (Size: 4.23 MB / Downloads: 0)
And a theoretically modified bios with 
nvme support

.zip (Size: 4.24 MB / Downloads: 0)

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