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Lenovo t530 boots only once after flashing bios
Hello there,
A month ago i update my laptop bios from 2.04 to 2.7 latest using official installer, but after successfully flashing, the laptop was not starting (NO Logo, no beep, no visual) but the motherboard was getting power and it will continue to run unless power is removed. So to solve that problem i had flash my chip (8mb and 4mb) using a ch341a programmer, But the problem i'm facing currently is that it would show visuals and boot only once after flashing the chips and after rebooting it will not work just like it used to do before flashing. I didn't had bios backup so i have to download some from other forums and it seems like if i flash bios greater than 2.04 it will give me a bad CRC for security settings error, but it will work if its <2.04. Can someone share original bios for t530i for both chipsets (8mb and 4mb). So what causes the bios to boot only once and what can i do to fix it?. Also sometimes the motherboard wont even start, it will just blink the power led.

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